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Stake – Pile

It is a natural and durable wooden building material used in trees, vineyards, and fences.

Wooden Bench

They are comfortable and durable seating areas frequently used in resting areas.


They are beautiful and functional outdoor seating areas that provide an aesthetic appearance.

Wooden Trash Bin

They are environmentally friendly waste storage solutions made from sustainable material, wood.

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herekicon 1“Wooden stakes, nature’s strong glue.”

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Kiwi Pole

The trunks of kiwi vines, which cannot support their own weight, are supported by elevating the plant to a certain height above the ground.

Apple Pole

It is a support system used to ensure the tree stands upright and grows healthily.


By increasing the resistance of plants to harsh environmental conditions and enabling them to grow without damage, maximum yield is achieved.

Fence Post

With its strong and durable structure, it provides security by defining land boundaries.

Vineyard Stake

It helps protect grapevines from wind and prevents the breaking of stems and branches.

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